Fall 2019 travels in Spain and Europe

For all my friends and family who care to follow some of the fun stuff I’m getting myself into during my time abroad, feel free to check this rolling post that will be updated every few days (realistically… weeks). December 18 – BACK IN AMERICA WOO! December 6 – Dane and I were able toContinue reading “Fall 2019 travels in Spain and Europe”

Organized? Now, keep it that way!

So, you’ve just tackled the chaotic clutter of your home with Sorted Simply. We probably created some new solutions for a more organized home and right now I’m guessing it looks fabulous! But, how does one maintain this new level of organization in what can oftentimes be a busy, chaotic life? Organization is a householdContinue reading “Organized? Now, keep it that way!”

Holiday discounts are here!

Welcome to Fall. Welcome to the season of snow, holidays, Black Friday, friends, families, gifts, big dinners (my favorite part) and if you’re anything like me, CHAOS. Tis the season right? Well, Sorted Simply is here to help if you are feeling unprepared for the upcoming chaos (don’t forget chaos can sometimes be good!). During theContinue reading “Holiday discounts are here!”