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I’m a Duquesne University Business School graduate, outdoor enthusiast, whitewater guide with Wiley E Waters, backcountry guide for Explore Austin, youth volleyball coach at RVC, self-proclaimed minimalist, and hyper-organized professional.

Sorted Simply started when I began helping my parents declutter my childhood home. In doing so we all realized how much STUFF had accumulated over 27 years in the same house. For my mom, this process was immediately overwhelming and too time-consuming to tackle alone. That’s where I came in. With my help, we sorted through every bin, cherished each memory, and tackled the project head-on. Many carloads went to local charities and we sent plenty of trash out the door. When we finished she said, “it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders, like I can finally breathe in my own home.”

I have helped neighbors, friends, relatives, retirement communities and others get organized. It’s easy to accumulate stuff, but it’s not easy to get rid of all the stuff (especially when it feels overwhelming, and maybe impossible). I’ll help you find that less is MORE, and you don’t have to do this alone.

I am pursuing a certification to become a CPO (Certified Professional Organizer). 1 more year to go!

Please note:

My organizing schedule switches to part-time from June-August so my calendar fills up fast! This is when I whitewater guide down the Clark Fork River and run backcountry trips for at-risk youth across the country. Thank you for understanding the various breaks I have taken from organizing to pursue a life full of adventure, exploration and service.

Sorted Simply was booking part time for summer 2020 to crush some whitewater with Wiley E Waters. Come join us in Spokane or Montana!

A once in a lifetime opportunity to live in Spain and Europe presented itself and it couldn’t be passed up. Check out my time abroad!

Check out why Sorted Simply took a hiatus during the summer of 2018… ALASKA!

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