Recycling in Spokane

Recycling doesn’t have to be difficult! Please keep the earth happy.

Going through a garage? Basement? Work area? Sometimes items from these areas are tough to get rid of. Where do you go? Can you recycle these items? Do they belong in the trash? Use this reference for any odds and ends items so you know you are doing disposing of them properly!

#1 RESOURCE… Washington’s 1 800 Recycle Database just fill out the online form and voila! There’s your answer.

# 2 Resource… check the Regional disposal locations to see if you can recycle your items at any of these locations.

#3 Resource… prefer chatting with someone? Try the recycling hotline at 509.477.6800

**Guide to Asbestos in the Home – I work in a lot of older homes. If we decide that adding shelving, mounting cabinets or installing significant organizational products is right for your project, knowledge about asbestos in the home is very important! Spread the word!

Below I included links to take you directly to the online resource you need.

A – Z…

Batteries (household) – City of Spokane Solid Waste will take your batteries if they are left on top of your recycling bins in a clear plastic bag.

Building materials – Earthworks Recycling, Inc (this seems to be one of the better resources for building materials but there is more than one. Refer to “#1 Resource” above.)

Electronics – whew, this is a long one…

E-cycle Washington program accepts:

  • Televisions
  • Computers
  • Computer monitors
  • Portable or laptop computers including “tablet computers”
  • E-readers (also called e-book readers)
  • Portable DVD players

*Keyboards, mice, printers are not accepted.

Earthworks Recycling, Inc, Goodwill (double check using Washingtons Recycle Database that the location near you accepts what are you trying to recycle), Recycle Techs (computer related recycling), Salvation Army are all good for electronics recycling.

Other electronic items:

  • Cell phones – Best Buy, Staples and RadioShack
  • Keyboards – Best Buy and Staples
  • Printers – Best Buy and Staples
  • Toner cartridges – Best Buy and Staples

Hazardous materials – Regional disposal (3 different locations)

LARGE items  – City of Spokane Solid Waste offers a Load Truck, for a fee, to haul away your large items

Moving boxes – City of Spokane Solid Waste offers a one-time courtesy pickup. Head to their website for information on how to arrange the boxes on the curb.

Paint cans – Limit 15 gallons per visit Regional disposal (3 different locations)

Plastics – Earthworks Recycling, Inc, Regional disposal (3 different locations)

Scrap metal – Earthworks Recycling, Inc, Pacific Steel and Recycling

Tires – Limit 6 per visit, tires greater than 36″ in diameter must be cut in two-foot pieces. Regional disposal (3 different locations)

Yard Debris – Regional disposal (3 different locations)

Thank you for recycling in Spokane.

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