Organized? Now, keep it that way!

So, you’ve just tackled the chaotic clutter of your home with Sorted Simply. We probably created some new solutions for a more organized home and right now I’m guessing it looks fabulous!

But, how does one maintain this new level of organization in what can oftentimes be a busy, chaotic life?

  1. Organization is a household commitment.
    • If it was you and you alone who spearheaded getting organized then it might be time to have a chat with the rest of the household. At this point, you might be the only one who knows about the new organization solutions and if the rest of the house doesn’t learn then they won’t be using them!
  2. Staying clutter-free requires some new habits
    • There are plenty of tips and tricks on creating new habits to maintain a tidier home. My favorite trick is the one minute rule. If it only takes you one minute to do then use that minute now!
    • This rule applies to tasks like loading your dishes into the dishwater instead of dropping in the sink, hanging up your jacket and storing your shoes when you get home, and making sure your clothes make it to the hamper, not the floor.
    • Basically, you can’t expect to stay organized if items don’t make it back to the home we have created for them.
  3. Take note if you start to outgrow your organizational solutions
    • Sometimes we accumulate more stuff (hopefully, they are items that serve a purpose or spark joy in our lives!). If this happens and new items no longer have a home in the house, it’s time to make one! Which takes me to tip #4.
    • For example, next time you start storing things on the floor, let that be a red flag. Find that item a real home!
  4. Become a smart consumer
    • Day to day our brains are inundated with ploys to get us to consume things we don’t need! Think billboards, TV commercials, Facebook ads… Don’t be duped! Next time you are shopping take a minute to ask yourself some questions.
    • Do I need this? Will I use this? Do I really love this item? Is this a high-quality product that will last? Am I just buying this just for the sake of buying it? You get the picture.
  5. Organization is an evolving process and not a one-stop shop.
    • Stick to solutions that work for your home.
    • Maybe something we worked on together isn’t helping keep you or your family organized anymore. CALL ME and I will fix it for free, not all solutions are perfect the first time around.

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