Holiday discounts are here!

Welcome to Fall. Welcome to the season of snow, holidays, Black Friday, friends, families, gifts, big dinners (my favorite part) and if you’re anything like me, CHAOS. Tis the season right? Well, Sorted Simply is here to help if you are feeling unprepared for the upcoming chaos (don’t forget chaos can sometimes be good!).

During the month of November and December (Spokane rates until Dec 14th, Chicago rates 15th to 31st), you can get 4 hours of organizing, de-cluttering, and cleaning for only $85! Normally $140, this discounted packaged gives you the opportunity to tackle those problems areas of your home at an extremely affordable rate and most importantly before your guests arrive. If you refer a friend to my services, you AND the friend will receive one hour totally FREE. That’s 5 hours for only $85, half of what you normally would pay!

Let’s tackle the clutter and get ready for family and friends (and 2018!). Call or email today!

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